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Supporting High Achieving students through College Readiness Preparation with a heavy emphasis on Social Emotional Learning and Addiction Prevention


Let's Connect

My name is Yo Elam,

Founder & Creator of Be YOself Everyday

I am a joyful, high-energy former public school educator with over twenty years of teaching experience working with all grade levels PK-12.  I have always had a passion to work with youth beyond the classroom to prepare, support, and motivate them to be the very best version of who they would like to become.  If you had unlimited time, money, and energy-Who would you be, what would you do, and. what would you have? Let's create you together! 

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Experience College without Chaos
& Life without Limitations 



Be YoSelf Everyday Brunch is a social networking opportunity created for young people to meet, conect, and hang out with others like them and enjoy an all-out good time over food, fellowship, and with lots of FUN.  Join us every 4th Sunday at Main Event and Dave & Busters for ways to be yourself with tools and strategies to do just that!



You spend eight weeks learning how to own your life, time management skills, live in your truth, money management skills,  take responsibility for your actions, healthy transitioning, nurture your life plan, manage course load, build strong authentic relationships, avoid stress, and stick to your plan. We equip you with tools and strategies to trust, empower, affirm, inspire, love, and know yourself 

BYOBreathrough Retreat (Adults Only)

We spend eight fun-filled, intensely focused days deepening our connection to self and Source through connecting, moving, and expanding you in areas of trust, empowerment, affirmation, inspiration, loving, and knowing. You will walk away with tools and strategies to create a life designed by you for you filled with ways to be, do, and have all you need, want, and desire in life.

Upcoming Events

Join BYOBooster

Join BYOBooster

No Negative Nancys or Damper Dans. Come get your daily boost of joy. The waitlist is forming now. Be first in line.

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