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YO Elam

  • Creator & Founder of                                       Be Yo🦋Self Everyday
  • Joy Ignitor

  • Motivational Comedian

  • Youth Programs Developer

  • Mom of 3/Yammie of 6

  • Best Lame Joke teller Ever!

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Have you Truly discovered Who you Are? 

You should--You are Awesome!

Celebrate your Individuality and let your Authentic Self sparkle!  

BE true

say YES

SHAPE experiences

EMBRACE moments

Be Yo🦋Self Everyday 

Meet Yo-The Joy Ignitor, a joyful, energetic, life-experienced, former public school educator.  She is the founder of Be Yo🦋Self Everyday, an inspiring experience designed to empower teens and young adults to live authentically and confidently as they face daily challenges and cope with fears and anxieties that everyone experiences.  

Arrange a call with Yo and let's explore the incredible world of supporting youth in becoming an adult with the marvelous things we can co-create together!

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